Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That's President Barack Hussein Obama to You

So apparently the GOP smear dogs are already out in force against Barack Obama. The use of his middle name, Hussein, is being portrayed by the Right Wing hate mongers as fair game. They are using that "wink wink" strategy that on the outside says, "What?! I can't say the man's middle name? What's wrong with that? It's his middle name. So what?" but inside says, "Hey, fellow narrow minded white men unite!"

Yesterday it was Bill Cunningham opening for John McCain at a rally and today it was the Chairman of the Tennessee GOP, Robin Smith, okaying the same strategy while posting an article about Obama being an anti-Semite on their website. I'm now watching CNN and see former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, a raving neocon if I've ever seen one, playing the same "What wrong with the man's middle name? It's like saying George Herbert Walker Bush! I don't get it."

Even Karl Rove has said in public that this strategy is a bad idea. Well, I say let it go on. I don't think this is going to hurt Obama as much as it will set the GOP back one or two generations. I have a suggestion for a response to this from the Obama campaign...

"That's President Barack Hussein Obama to you."


Che-Jen (Peter) Chu 朱澤人 said...

Bill Cunningham's jokes are poor and shoddy. I check Wikipedia and find out he is a radio host of several shows. In Taiwan, most of the grassroots and aggressive supporters of political candidates are also using radio as their medium. This might indicate that radio is really a "hot" medium for political enthusiasts!

Mike Plugh said...

I agree. Radio is a hot medium so the voices (especially the crazy voices) seem very powerful. On television they just seem crazy so it didn't work.