Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama is a Plagiarist?

...and the #1 sign that your campaign is floundering.....accuse your opponent of plagiarism. The Clinton campaign, looking more and more like a train wreck, is now using speeches made by Deval Patrick and Barack Obama, which use the same key phrases, to make Obama out to be a liar and a huckster. It's a desperate grasp at smearing the popular frontrunner, trying to generate media interest in something negative. Deval Patrick and Obama are friends and have been charged with using rhetoric rather than reality to win a campaign. Patrick said, "Hey, this worked for me. Go with it." and Obama did. Should he have attributed the remarks to Patrick when he made them? Probably. It would have voided all this made up bullshit.

Meanwhile, you have Bill Clinton out there on the campaign trail acting like he's on 'roids half the time, and we have to wonder if we're going to deal with this for 4-8 years every time someone publicly criticizes his wife. It seems to me that the Clinton campaign is so desperate at this point it will stoop to anything to distract people from the smoldering pile of steel that was once an unstoppable political behemoth. It's no coincidence that as soon as Obama became better known to the American public that his inspirational message swept him into a competitive situation with her. He passed her like she was standing still and now it looks like he's going to win Wisconsin and Hawaii and will have a very nice chance to take Texas. If that happens, it's over for her. Done.

I have said all along that I would be very happy to vote for Hillary Clinton, but now that she's dragged this campaign into the gutter with typical smear tactics and distortions of the truth, I have more lukewarm feelings. Where there was once a glimmer of hope that Democrats would have an opportunity to choose from one of two dynamic and forward thinking candidates, there is now only disappointment. The civil debate in Hollywood showed a united Democratic Party with a sly glint in its eye that the GOP was going to have a rough go of it come the general election. Now, rather than letting the people choose the message and the style they prefer, this has become a Mike Tyson boxing match of more recent vintage. Hillary is about set to start biting Obama's ear off in order to stem the tide of losing. If she were actually confident in her chance to win the election on real differences and contrasts, she's make them. Instead the Clinton campaign are taking a page out of the Rove/Nixon/Bush playbook and warping reality to suit their own position.

The irony of this situation is clearly lost on the Clinton people, as it will inevitably be lost on the McCain people. America is swept up by Obama because he's brought dignity back to politics, even if only for a moment. He's taken the propaganda, flat out lies, and dirty tricks out of the game in order to deliver a message of hope. Even if you believe he isn't the right man for the job and that he lacks experience, backbone, or the wisdom to handle our toughest issues head on, he has been statesman-like. Even if you think his rhetoric has been empty, he's carried himself with dignity and shown tremendous respect for us as a people. All this while the president enjoys a sub-30 approval rating and Congress a sub-25. Wonder why? Just look at the Clinton campaign and you'll see why. What a waste.

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