Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Never Follow O

Here was Obama last night, speaking in Madison, Wisconsin. I watched this on MSNBC:

John McCain waited to speak until Obama's appearance was finished on television and then stepped up to deliver this speech to the American people:

Sigh. One candidate is speaking in front of 17,000 cheering fanatics, using some of the most inspiring rhetoric we've seen in recent political memory. The other candidate waits for that to finish before following him on television with a rally in front of 250 people, backed by two retiring Congressmen who need help stepping up on stage. Forget political affiliations for a second. Forget your own biases. Tell me, isn't this strategy as stupid as can be? You want to draw a contrast with your opponent that makes you look BETTER in comparison, not old, out of touch, dusty, grouchy, friendless, and basically a product of America past rather than America future. He forgets the names of the primary, some of his guests, and says Disneyland instead of Disney World. At one point, he sticks his finger in his mouth and messes around for a second before continuing. Oh, Lord.

I love Obama so this delights me beyond belief. Keep it up Johnny Boy. Maybe you'll succeed in capturing the popular vote......of 1920.

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