Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rice for VP?

Loose talk around the pundit circle has hinted at a Condoleeza Rice nomination for McCain's running mate. I've heard this here and there, but never in so much detail as the recent article in the Nation by Nicholas von Hoffman. For the record, I think it could happen although the chances seem slim. I completely disagree with von Hoffman's take that the ticket would be tough with her on board though. His argument is based largely on the idea that voters will be drawn to her as a church going, strong on national security, skilled debater who happens to be both African-American and a woman. He shoves aside the idea that she's a lingering symbol of the failed Iraq policy with TONS of 9/11 baggage on her resume and was shoe-shopping and Broadway show-going during the worst part of the Katrina aftermath. She is attached at the hip to President Bush and alienated virtually every person working for her in the State Department.

Politically she would be a tremendous liability to a GOP ticket trying to rinse away the foul aftertaste of a Presidential administration with a 30% approval rating (less if you factor in Cheney). There will be a line of people who worked under her to stand up in front of cameras and tell of the horror stories of her control-freakish micro-management of the State Department and her cabal of insiders who ripped apart Colin Powell and any dissenters to the wire-tapping, waterboarding, rendition agenda. Nicholas von Hoffman has done fine work for The Nation, but not this time. I think he completely misses the mark. Bring her on.


mike's spot said...

does Condi have a reputable enough name? Too bad CP went and supported Obama- I think he'd be a good VP. even with recent doings I think he carries clout over Miss Rice.

PS I finally looked up communicative.

Mike Plugh said...

Her name is only reputable among conservative Republicans....that is, national security conservatives. She's basically a neoconservative. CP is a powerful force in a general election, but I doubt he wants any kind of official role.