Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine-ly Obama

Another state, another caucus, another win for Barack Obama. The delegate race narrows and the momentum has clearly swung to the Senator from Illinois. It's hard to determine how much pressure the Clinton people are feeling as a result of the tidal wave that Obama is surfing on, but cracks can be seen.

Today the Clinton campaign replaced Patti Solis Doyle with top aide Maggie Williams in the role of campaign manager. The combination of financial difficulties and trouble at the polls has strained the once mighty Clinton machine. Terry MacCauliffe is widely believed to be the greatest political fundraiser in the business but he has been trumped by the people working for Obama. The strategy that had been working for Clinton's people prior to the weeks leading into Super Tuesday appears to need adjustment as Obama gains momentum. It's more than likely Hillary will go 0-fer-February when the month comes to an end, although March 4th could make up for all that if she wins big.

Tough to know what's happening behind the scenes, but it doesn't look good at all for Clinton at the moment and perception is at least half the battle. The press for her lately has been (1) feud with MSNBC, (2) winless in February, (3) loaned her campaign 5 million of her own money, and (4) replaced her campaign manager. Not good.

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