Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Clinton Campain Manager for Obama??!!

Yes. Well.....Bill Clinton's campaign manager. The New York Times reports that former Bill Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm has endorsed Barack Obama in the race for the 2008 Democratic Presidential Nomination. Wilhelm tells the Times:

"He has out-worked her, out-organized her and out-raised her,” Mr. Wilhelm said. “I know organizational excellence when I see it, and the Obama campaign, win or lose, will serve as a model of execution of strategy, message discipline, application of new technology and small-donor fund raising."

He claims that Obama is more electable than Hillary Clinton and has apparently offered to reach out to fellow superdelegates to lobby on his behalf. An interesting development to say the least. According to his bio at Wikipedia, David Wilhelm is a venture capitalist who started operations to fund entrepreneurs in Appalachia via his Adena Ventures partnership, and more recently founded Hopewell Ventures to support the underrepresented regions of the midwest.

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