Thursday, May 1, 2008

What if...?

What if someone on television was a real journalist?

What if our elections were based on debate over issues instead of impressions?

What if there were no 24-hour news networks?

What if our education system was more fair and effective?

What if we judged people on the content of their character, rather than....whatever else?

What if people got off their asses to demand a government that worked for them?

What if we lived in a culture that valued building instead of destroying?

What if we had a parliamentary system?

What if social justice was the currency of society rather than material?


mike's spot said...

ya had me till parliament.

just pointing this out-

your describing what America stands for, people just are too fucking self entitled to live it.

we should demand competency from the fourth estate

politicians should fear us- because our vote gives them what ever meager authority we feel they deserve.

News should be actual news- I don't care who knocked up anna nicole smith before she od'd on crack smack dope or fucking lucky charms.

Imagine- if lotto money went to education like the politicians said it would!

people are judged- we just use the wrong criteria

what if people just got off their asses? how bout they demand better first from themselves before reaching for another government hand out? Shit in Shit out people- remember that.

what if we lived in a cultural with VALUES

screw socialism and parliaments (sorry plugh) I have 2 parties that fail- I don't need 10 more that fail too. The British system is not one I would like to emulate.

if all the others happened- there would be justice.

mike's spot said...

culture* sorry not cultural