Friday, April 18, 2008

Thick Irony

How years in Washington warp good people. George Stephanopolous. James Carville.

1992 NH Primary

Carville: Let me tell you what's at stake in this election. Every time that somebody comes along that's got some ideas, the Republicans come up here and they ambush 'em. Remember Muskee? Okay? That is standard procedure. And here comes Clinton, he comes to New Hampshire. People here are hurtin'. They want hope. They want somebody with vision. He gives it to 'em. So what do Republicans do? They get together with their wedge issues and they knock him off."

Stephanopolous: What he's going to do in this campaign is focus on what's important to the American people, on the jobs and the education. That's what the American people care about. They want to move into the future. They don't want to be diverted by side issues, and they're not going to let the Republican attack machine divert them.

Funny how we can plug in "Democrats" in these quotes where it says "Republicans." And, those Democrats are the hypocrites who made the statements originally.

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SamBam said...

the video says its no longer available but the written part explains the "irony". I'm sad that i had very little reaction to this example of hypocrisy, i think i've just come to expect the worst, but i'm hoping for the best from Obama. i know he's trailing in pennsylvania, but i think that the superdelegates are going to take a look at how much money hillary has and how much obama has raised and they are going to go with obama because he has the financial power to really go against McCain. so while it would be great for him to win pennsylvania, i dont think its half as crucial to his chances of being the nominee as it is for hillary and even winning pennsylvania wont gaurantee her that much...