Sunday, April 27, 2008

Disgraceful Treatment of Troops

This clip will speak for itself. Watch it. Understand the level of disrespect our government has shown our troops from the Walter Reed scandal to this individual case. Contact your Congressperson by looking them up at Congress Watch.


mike's spot said...

I think walter reed is where my buddy had his appendix taken out while he was in country.

not sure if it was there or a field hospital, either way they fucked him up something fierce. He got so infected he was medically discharged.

thankfully he's doing better now (nearly 4 years later) but man that was an ordeal.

Mike Plugh said...

My stepdad served during Vietnam (Stateside) and got bone marrow cancer in his 50s. The cost of care was through the roof so he used a lot of Veteran's Administration Hospital in Philly. The care there was abysmal and he often found himself lying in a bed with dirty sheets and no lights in the room. There was dried blood on the floors and no one on call half the time.

Our VA system is a disaster, and I'm only glad that we managed to get him care in a private hospital for his last days.