Friday, March 28, 2008

Wiki Vandals

I was browsing the Wikipedia page of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson tonight and I happened to do a double take at an item in the right sidebar. See if you can find it here:

You might need to click on that image to enlarge it, but I'll save you the trouble by highlighting the offending vandalism here. This is not an unusual phenomenon at Wikipedia and it's really the main problem with open source platforms in general. In this case the heat of the Democratic primary campaign has obviously led some poor, deranged individual (perhaps James Carville) to besmirch the good name of Bill Richardson. Shame. Shame on you anonymous Clinton supporter (probably James Carville). I didn't scan the entire Wiki entry on Richardson for other unflattering edits. It's possible that someone put reference and link to Judas in the article (probably James Carville) or mentioned something about branding (likely someone with the initials J.C. - and not the REALLY famous one either). If this makes you angry, sad, frustrated, cranky, sleepy, amused, or just plain bored donate to the campaign of Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. It will cover the inevitable anti-Wiki-vandalism expenses of the run for the White House. I think someone at Clinton central has a project in mind for on-line sabotage (probably a Cajun we all know and love).

By the way, I alerted the good people at Wiki-central about the vandalism, so it probably won't be up by the time you head over to look, but try anyway.

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