Monday, March 10, 2008

Spitz the Bit

Oh man. The New York Times is reporting that ethics champion Eliot Spitzer is admitting to links to a prostitution ring. This is shocking news for New Yorkers and Democrats around the country. The governor of New York hiring prostitutes. Ugh.

I've been an ENORMOUS fan of Eliot Spitzer since his days as Attorney General of the State of New York. He took on some of the most powerful industries in the country and forced them to reform. His run to the governor's mansion was bumpy and he's clashed with parties from all sides while holding the highest office in the State. This news kills me. He was a champion, and now it looks as though he's going to be a disgrace.

This will develop, and Spitzer will make a statement soon. I'll have more once that happens. Bad news.


mike's spot said...

I'm not so much a fan of Spitzer-

Sure he proposed some good legislation, then screwed up the budget worse than it was before, lost us more jobs, abused the NYSP for personal use, and the debacle of a license plan he had for illegal immigrants.

prior to his recent sex scandal, he had an approval rating of something like 35%? yea I won't be sad to see him go.

Like I said- Good ideas, Terrible execution, and I think- lack of foresight to see an entire issue.

P.C. said...

This doesn't come as a surprise to me at all. We all know politicians are susceptible to exercising poor judgment.

Spitzer certainly isn't the only one, especially in our area. Look at McGreevy and Pirro, just to name a few. This seems to be a trend common with politicians and it's getting pretty serious.

Check out my thoughts on this on my blog

mike's spot said...

PS- Plugh- thanks for the hits. I'm getting a lot of referral hits from Communicativeaction, and it makes me heart you more and more.

Katrina said...

Hey Mike P., where is the commentary on the fall of Eliot Spitzer and the rise of David Paterson? I just want to see your take on it. Hope all is well!

mike's spot said...

Dear Plugh-

I miss your writing- stop being lazy and post.

hugz and kissez

Mike of Mike's Spot

P. Clark said...

You know what kills me about this news... how the news business is covering this event.

When it happened our congress secretly met to discuss issues pertaining to spying; spying on Americans for their safety and spying on foreign affairs. BARLEY any news devotion to this story compared with this Spitzer scandal. Instead, I get hours upon hours and days upon days of useless coverage of Spitzer. The way I see it, every broadcast news outlet has greatly helped boost the career for Dupre’s American confusion, and has spread the acceptance of skunkyness across the nation to the young minded.

Sorry to hear about your feelings for the Spitz.

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